As I drove home from work, the sun was out and there were few clouds in the sky. The evenings are gradually getting longer and I thought to myself, I’m going to try and get an hour or so on the River when I get home.

I arrived home and quickly got my stuff sorted and head off walking down to the river. It was turning into a lovely evening as the orange sun shined down onto the water. I began to cast my fly out and make my way down the river as I go.

Moving long I saw an area that looked promising. A deeper looking section of the river with some structure. I cast the fly out and began to retrieve. As the fly came closer to me I saw there was a pike following. I gave the fly 2 short sharp tugs and the pike couldn’t resist. BANG!! I’m in. The fight was great as the fish ran both up and down the river trying to shake the fly. Eventually coming to the net a stunning fish around 4lb.

I continued on down the river for a short while longer and was rewarded with a very small but equally welcome jack pike.

Ending the evening as the sun set it had been a great short trip and I will be out again very soon after work for another session of pike on the fly.